Smart trailer: “XirgoVision” - The ultimate cargo visibility

For all transportation and logistics companies, cargo visibility is key to staying on schedule and providing quality service. While IoT technologies have made it easier to track and monitor trucks, it hasn’t been as easy to see what is going with the cargo inside trailers, which can make it a challenge to protect cargo, reduce empty miles, and efficiently plan routes.

The solution is – XirgoVision, our full-featured industrial IoT solution with multi-carrier LTE cellular connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. XirgoVision’s cargo occupancy system is a sensor fusion platform using two cameras and a time-of-flight ultrasonic sensor providing enhanced cargo sensing capabilities under any lighting condition.

This device is a combined Telematics and cargo occupancy sensor which offers you a full solution for cargo loading efficiency and tracking of your fleet. The integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allow you to send images of your cargo directly to the server from any place.

This is a key differentiator to traditional ultrasonic-based cargo sensors that fail to provide accurate capacity and utilization information. XirgoVision can capture cargo status with the door open or closed and works with any roll-up or swing style door. Also, this device can be integrated with the TPMS via CAN line.

For qualitative review, the solution also provides a “thumbnail” style, low data cost, trailer images.

XirgoVision provides the real-time, event-driven, and historical status of trailers or containers providing customers with an enhanced decision-making tool.


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