Distribution centers and warehouses are inundated with trying to locate inventory and ship it out quickly. Xirgo engineered a solution to make sure the search for inventory or equipment is minimal.

Xirgo introduces the XG4600 series, a solution for monitoring vital indoor and outdoor location data for remote assets.


XG4600 is powered by 2xAA replaceable batteries this allows easy battery replacement without interrupting operational processes. For different tracking needs it can be configured to report location on different scenarios while stationary and while moving. This device has a low power consumption and depending on scenario, the battery life of this device can be up to 18 months.

For reporting location, XG4600 receives MAC addresses from up to 10 Wi-Fi routers in the area at the time and reports position on the map with accuracy up to 30 meters.

Built to withstand all kinds of weather, the tracker has an IP66 rated enclosure. XG4600 also comes with motion/no-motion accelerometer-based reporting. The device comes with a physical button on its casing, this feature allows to easily turn on/off the device and has a “report me now” function to quickly report the location and timestamps when pressed.

The new XG4600 asset tracker is perfect choice for tracking your assets, or for being used as a backup tracker.  

Key features:

  • Low power consumption
  • Replaceable batteries
  • LTE M1
  • Mounting cradle
  • IP66
  • Battery life indicator
  • Accelerometer
  • Device diameter 72mm


Use cases:

Construction equipment, cargo tracking, rent services, pallet tracking, backup tracking.



General specification
Power supply

2xAA replaceable batteries





Operational temperature

from 0 to +60 C°


72mm diameter

WiFi Rx

B, G, N (2.4Ghz)


Over-the-air firmware upgrade


Supports FTP, UDP, CoAP, and UDP with ACK




Integrated GPS antenna




Yes, On/Off & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pairing button

Status indicators

Yes, LED status indicators for GPS lock and network registration


Yes, IP66

Try Xirgo Global system demo version- for free!


Bluetooth extender

Bluetooth extender - universal device for various bluetooth applications. This small adapter will be compatible with different hardware versions of Xirgo GNSS equipment and will enable them to support wireless sensors, such as fuel level sensors, angle measurement sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, door sensors and more. Besides that, it will extend our hardware functionality engaging new mobile applications (future releases).

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IP67 Protective case

IP67 Tough protection case against harsh weather conditions. Made from ABS plastic with UV protection. Works in low and high temperatures and certified for IP67 ingress ratio. A build-in breathing valve lets out humidity which appears during temperature change and saves internal components from oxidation. Universal for all FMS500/XG3700 series

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OBD Extension Cable

OBD extension cables make FMS500/XG3700 series devices installation as easy as possible, just plug and play. No extra tools or wiring required

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13.56MHz RFID card

RFID card is the most simple, common and cheap proximity card for access control systems.
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13.56MHz RFID reader (1-Wire)

Compact Embed RFID reader is designed for using with Mifare 13.56MHz keys cards.
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125kHz RFID card

RFID card is the most simple, common and cheap proximity card for access control systems.
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125kHz RFID key fob

Key fob is affordable proximity RFID key fob for using in access control systems.
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125kHz RFID reader (1-Wire)

Compact Embed RFID reader is designed for using with 125KHz key fobs and 125KHz cards.
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Magnetic iButton key

iButton key devices are small, durably and easy to care. Magnet which is under the chip lets connect key to reader and it stays there all the time. It lets to make more scenarios for identification.
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iButton key

iButton key devices are small, durably and easy to care. The iButton serial number is a rugged data carrier that serves as an electronic registration number for automatic identification.
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ID Reader

The driver is expected to touch the iButton to the reader to start engine or identify himself. Reader can shine in RGB colors, LED is inside.
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Concrete mixer rotation magnetic sensor

Magnetic Sensor adopts hall effect when the magnetic buttons go through the front end of the Magnetic Sensor, and thus causing the magnetic field changes.
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Door sensor

Mechanical or magentic sensors are used to identify vehicle door open/close operations.
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Seat sensor

A load cell (or loadcell) is a transducer which converts force into a measurable electrical output.
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Axle load sensor

Axle load sensor is designed for axle load control and cargo weight control in vehicle tracking systems.
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USB Smart Card Reader for Tachograph

Card reader device with USB interface which connects to PC server. It can read Company Card where BCE tacho application is installed.
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RFID Driver Identification

Driver identification consists of 2 devices Key fob or card and Reader. Each driver has Key fob or card with unique id number. Once Key fob or card is swiped to reader, signal is send to GPS tracking device.
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Panic Button

By integrating panic buttons with vehicle tracking, it is possible to receive an immediate notification that a device has been activated.
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iButton Driver Identification

Driver identification consists of 2 devices Key and Reader. Each driver has iButton key with unique id number. Once key is connected to reader, signal is send to GPS tracking device. Identification ensures that a particular vehicle is driven by the designated driver himself.
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Temperature Sensor

It is a low cost temperature sensor with a 1-wire digital interface. The sensor is calibrated and doesn’t require extra components so you can get right to measuring relative temperature.
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Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Level Sensor is installed into a fuel tank of a vehicle. The sensor measures fuel level in the tank and generates an output signal to forward it to a vehicle tracking device.
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Fuel Flow Meter

Fuel meter enables to receive objective information about actual fuel consumption and vehicle working time.
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sCAN - Contactless CANbus Reader

S-CAN is a contactless CAN-bus reader, allowing to retrieve data from various type vehicles without physical contact with vehicle wires, thus eliminating warranty issues.
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12V and 24V relays are used for making remote engine block circuit.
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