Fleet management software

  • 3 fleet management packages (windows, web and smartphone apps) for 1 fee;
  • end-customer oriented reports;
  • user-friendly, multilingual interface;
  • administrative tools for integrators.

Choose from 3 software platforms, while paying for 1.

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Complete fleet management application for Windows OS

Xirgo Global is constantly developing Fleet management software for Windows OS since 2009. More than 2000 business customers are monitoring their vehicles in Xirgo Global Fleet Management application, because: 

  • basic tracking functions are ready to use - real time tracking, geo-fencing, fuel monitoring, standard reporting;
  • 30+ reports package is fully adapted for the needs of customers with different fleets, including light vehicles, trucks, heavy and agricultural machinery;
  • advanced setting system allows customers analyze data, according to specific requirements;
  • automatic notification system notifies customers on the case of multiple events;
  • cloud-based software upgrades are free of charge for Xirgo Global clients; 
  • customers may order additional functionality.

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Xirgo Global Fleet web application for fleet management

Since 2015 web-based application for fleet management is available. Main advantages:

  • suitable for the most popular web browsers;
  • user-friendly software interface with responsive design;
  • +10 report package for basic tracking, fuel and work time management;
  • software is compatible with mobile Android application Xirgo Global logistics.

Every month we add additional functionality to Xirgo Global Fleet web application.

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CarInPhone Android and iOS application for basic tracking

Having your smartphone equipped with CarInPhone application, which is available for Android and iOS devices, allows users:

To check their vehicles status:

  • Car location;
  • Car battery;
  • Outside temperature;
  • Additional  CAN-BUS statuses which depend on car model (doors, hood and trunk statuses).

 To use features such as:

  • Blink lamps;
  • Block Engine;
  • Control additional devices in vehicle;
  • Event history;
  • Travel history;
  • Go To Car / Find a car;
  • Extra "Active protection".

CarInPhone - your pocket fleet management version, which is fully compatible with other Xirgo Global software packages.

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Main software features

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Software compatibility with tracking devices

As Xirgo Global manufactures GNSS tracking devices, software platforms are compatible with Xirgo Global GNSS devices only. Full range of Xirgo Global tracking equipment models allow to monitor various fleets, including light commercial vehicles, trucks, specialized and agricultural machinery. 

Main advantages of Xirgo Global GNSS tracking equipment:

  • Devices are manufactured in  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory in EU, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • E-Mark certified
  • Each device is fully tested before selling to the customer
  • Equipment meats automotive requirements
  • Temperature range:  -40 - +85
  • Strong electric circuit, standing impulses up to 120 V
  • GSM jamming and power cut-off detection
  • Optimized data protocol for reduced GPRS data traffic.

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